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Why Political-ish?  Q has spent decades mastering the ins and outs of CA politics but politics isn’t his sole focus, and he knows it’s not yours either. Political-ish looks outside the realm of politics for insightful and entertaining conversations about history, social justice, pop culture, business, music, and sports, with a dash of politics from time to time. So political...ish. Welcome to the show and enjoy! 


David Quintana’s professional history spans nearly two decades in and around the State Capitol. Mr. Quintana provides clients with strategy development, policy analysis, relationship-building, campaign consulting, and unapparelled direct lobbying services.  Quintana’s reach extends into numerous sectors, including high-tech/social media, finance, energy, education, health and business districts and gaming.

After serving in the United States Air Force for a decade, Mr. Quintana then graduated from the University of California, Davis and the Boston College School of Law. He has the unique ability to combine his political connections with policy knowledge. This is why whenever there is a big fight brewing in the political arena, David Quintana is brought in to generate results.

Mr.Quintana launched his famous Back to Session Bash 15 years ago and it has since become the “Must Attend” event of each year since. The event has grown from a modest gathering for Capitol staffers to a star-studded blowout drawing in thousands of guests with lines to get in around the building. With each Bash it has hosted an array of Celebrity performances, from Coolio in 2015, to Lil Jon in 2020. Lets just say Mr. Quintana knows how to throw a party.

Mr. Quintana has been a regular guest on major media and paper outlets. In 2019, for the ninth time in 10 years, Capitol Weekly named Mr. Quintana one of the Capitol’s Top 100 “Power Players” in their annual list. In December of 2016 he was also featured in Sacramento Magazine as one of the key power players in state politics. 

Lobbyist & Politician:

Top 6 Worst Political Clichés in Film and TV

With Mike Gatto

             Welcome to the first episode of a “lobbyist and a politician discuss” with former Assemblymember Mike Gatto. Today’ topic is how Hollywood gets politics and lobbying so very wrong. From the foolishness of grandiloquent speeches, to the lack of gurus with secret political knowhow, the complete lack of quid pro quos, and how one speech of a down ballot politician can change the world.  Q and Mike tackle the best and worst that film and TV have to offer. Pay attention for a great story of how a bill on cosmetic testing on beagle ears got killed by drunken stupidity and another about Chuck Calderon’s impassioned speech and the results.

Featured Episodes

 Today is all about the fight game. We welcome Josh Emmett, the 7th ranked UFC featherweight. We go deep on fighting while injured, mind coaches, why finger pokes are the worst, and the hardest he’s ever been hit. Then we get deep in the financial aspect of mixed martial arts, why the regional circuit pays more than the UFC, and when he expects to fight again after his devastating knee injury.

            Acid, mushrooms, LSD… today we trip the light fantastic and discuss the oneness of the universe… not exactly! Actually we have Ariel Clark of the law firm Clark Howell. She is one of the foremost experts on cannabis and hemp law, and at the forefront of the psychedelic legalization movement. Her firm specialize in cannabis, hemp, and psychedelic decriminalization and criminal justice reform. She and Q discuss what the different types and categories of the drugs are, the history of creation and criminalization in the United States, and how changes are being made especially for the treatment of opioid addiction and Alzheimers. The conversation dives deeply into the difference between legalization and decriminalization and how she thinks the next 3 to 5 years will change.

         Politicalish today brings you a great conversation with California State Senator Melissa Melendez. She represents the 28th senate district in Riverside County, stretching from Temecula to the Arizona border. Q and she discuss the reputation in Sacramento, and on Twitter, her background growing up in Youngtown, Ohio, her time in the Navy and how she went from a small business owner to state senator. The conversation turns to a discussion of the unemployment SNAFUs at the California EDD, and what the heck happened on the final legislative session day in the California Senate.


           Welcome back to Part 2 with the other Q! Politicalish continues the conversation with action star Maggie Q. In this episode she discusses the differences between working in Hong Kong and the US, the difficulties being both a woman and a minority in Hollywood, and how she got her role in Nikkita, the first Asian American lead on a drama in the US ever. Then she tells the most ridiculous fan interaction story, ever! The conversation turns to the Me Too movement, the need to acknowledge past sins so society can heal and move forward, and why she wants people to participate in the political process. She finishes talking about wage theft, animal rights, and some rapid fire questions from Q.


        Politicalish is pleased to welcome action star Maggie Q!  In part 1 we learn about her journey to Hollywood, starting from her childhood in Hawaii, why she moved to Hong Kong with only a phone number, getting chosen by Jackie Chan to be part of his new wave of action stars, how her career-changing meeting with J.J. Abrams was nearly derailed by illness, and why certain actors get constant work and other don’t. 

         Politicalish brings you a stylish episode today! We chat with Ryan Hammonds, owner of R. Douglas Custom Clothier. He grew up in the fashion mecca of Galt CA, with an interest in mens style and clothing and after  a poor experience with custom tailor decided he could do it better. Q and he discuss his rise to prominence, going from a travelling tailor to multiple offices, why he opened a showroom next to the Capitol, and why Q thinks R. Douglas has elevated the style in Sacramento. Then the conversation turns to style does and don’ts, what Ryan first notices in an ensemble, dressing Grammy artists,  UFC fighters, & NBA players, and a great story about a certain politician wanting the R. Douglas experience. Find out the one mistake that’s like nails on a chalkboard to him, on this episode of Policitcalish!

Part 2 on the Land Park Massacre with Detective John Cabrera starts with his description of the arriving on the scene and takes us through the investigation, and why it went cold. He explains why he suspects multiple assailants, what he thinks happened to Ricky McCarthy, the significance of what was in the safe, and his view of why the murders were committed. Then they discuss possible new DNA evidence and how, with help from the public, these brutal killers can still be brought to justice.

In this episode of Polticialish we shine a spotlight on the Land Park Massacre, an unsolved, brutal triple homicide of the Jacobs family that disappeared from the news because of the start of the  first Gulf War. Q sets up the story with Retired Sacramento Police Detective John Cabrera. First they discuss Dec. Cabrera’s background and how the Golden State Killer changed the way people in Sacramento lived. Then we set up the background for the crime itself by focusing on six “characters,” the neighborhood, victim Mick Jacobs, petty criminal Ricky McCarthy, victims Marcie and Jennifer Jacobs, and the last “character,” a safe of Ricky McCarthy’s that was fatefully at the Jacobs house. Then Dec. Cabrera begins to walk us through the recreation of the crime, why he thinks there were multiple assailants, and why he thinks 9 year old Jennifer Jacobs was tragically killed. 

Polticalish continues our conversation with Alex Vassar. Part 2 will introduce you to many of the dynasties in CA political history. But we start discussing the changes to CA politics due to the transition from rural to urban communities, the 1960s court cases about “one man, one vote,” and the rise of the professional legislator. Then Alex talks about dynasties including the family that was CA Secretary of State for 60 years and how one AG represented CA for 40 years. Then we hear about the CA Constitutional offices that no longer exist and finish with a historical character we should know more about, Katherine Niehouse, the only women in the legislature for a decade.

Politicalish welcomes a great historian of California politics: Alex Vassar. He and Q have a fascinating discussion of California legislative history. But don’t think it’s dry and boring! Part one is filled with duels and violence, along with details of early CA politics. Redistricting is a contentious topic, but in the 1860s it led to a stabbing on the floor of the Assembly. We get stories from both Alex and Q about prolific CA historian Dr. Kevin Starr. Then they discuss how different politics was in the late 1800s, with massive turnover, non-professional politicians, completely different political power bases, and how one dude organized all CA law and had more impact than any other legislator in early CA. This episode finishes with the story of David Terry, an early Chief Justice of the CA Supreme Court who loved to stab people with his Bowie knife and how it finally went wrong for him.

Welcome to Part 2 with Lyrics Born. The conversation continues about the way changing technology and the internet caused a democratization of music. Then he tells Q why artists can’t just make music but need a team and a brand just to survive and why he wants to get back to making music with other artists in the studio. They switch to COVID: how it’s shut down the entire entertainment sector and why the closing of the festival circuit hurts musicians. Finally they  discuss being Asian American in the entertainment game, the advances that have been made and the struggles that still exist. Stick around for stories about Coolio, Too Short and muscle funk.

Politicalish is happy to welcome Lyrics Born to the podcast. He and Q discuss what got him into hip hop and how he was able to build a career on an independent label. They also discuss how important radio stations used to be for success, how they went from being an absolute power to a piece of the puzzle. They finish part 1 talking about the changing nature of the music business, how the last ten years have been a whirlwind for artists trying to navigate changing technology and the internet caused a democratization of music.  There’s also discussions of Lenny White’s Peanut Butter, Sly Stallone, and why Steve Jobs died with all Lyrics Born’s money!

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